High Thermal Efficiency (Energy Saving)

The traditional stoves heat loss, the thermal efficiency is between 40% – 60%, and the thermal efficiency of the cooker can reach more than 97%

No Open Flame (Safety)

Cooking process does not produce fire, other furnace has the disadvantage of fire hazards, there is no gas leakage caused by various accidents.

Hygiene (Environmental)

Traditional coal, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) combustion gas at room temperature rise increased fumes, will also release carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances affect human health. Cooker heat does not release any substance, fire, is smoke-free and tasteless. Use the appliance without traditional stoves many pollution problems, so realize a clean kitchen and environmental protection. It works without broiled, operation, especially in the summer, cool and comfortable

Excellent Quality

  • Key components imported from Germany
  • Imported from Germany resistant to high temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, high strength, impact resistance glass
  • Stainless steel structure, waterproof design, superb production technology and strict quality control

Temperature Control Accuracy (Accurate)

Cooker can be based on the users different cooking requirements, flexible and accurate control of the heating power and the cooking temperature. The Company cooker using advanced scientific methods developed to select the desired cooking temperature from room temperature to 350 degree range of thermostatic device is very convenient

Exhaust Gas

9.68% of the gas furnace, diesel furnace dust emission per hour, carbon monoxide emission of 29.03% / hour, compared to 1.61 % sulfur/ hour according to the National Institute of Standards excessive compared to a 19.5 times cizao with diesel, gas stoves advantage

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